Zeal in the Right Direction

February 28th

10:00 am

Pt 6

Believers are to be zealous for the cause of Christ even as we continue to grow and mature in understanding

The Challenge in Following

February 21st

10:00 am

Pt 5

Following Jesus is worth even losing your position, social status, and entire lifestyle.

Selfless Living

February 14th

10:00 am

Pt 5

Believers should live selflessly toward others for kingdom advancement .

From Foe to Follower

February 7th

10:00 am

Pt 4

Believers should never think anyone is outside of God’s grace to save and use for His mission on earth.

Slow Start, Strong Finish

January 31st

10:00 am

Pt 3

An early mistake in serving the LORD does not mean God cannot use you mightily for His glory.

The Kindness of God

January 24th

10:00 am

Pt 2

Believers are to continue to trust God, even when we don’t understand how He’s going to fulfill His mission in the world.  

Unimaginable, Inconvenient Faithfulness 

January 17th

10:00 am

Pt 1

Even when God’s call on our lives is unimaginable and inconvenient and seems like too much, be faithful. 

The Kindness of God

January 10th

10:00 am

May we as believers go out of our way to show the kindness of God to others.

Drawing Near Through Fasting

January 3rd

10:00 am

Happy New Year

Believers can draw near to God through the spiritual discipline of fasting.

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